Flashdance: the fire inside and the fear of failure

The final scene of Flashdance is engraved of the imaginary of entire generations, starting from April 15, 1983, year of release of the film. Besides, how not to be conquered by music, choreographies, the transgressive rock background, seasoned by a romantic romance between the worker and her boss… in short, there is everything you need to create a myth.

Flashdance after more than thirty years continues to live and invigorations in different theatrical performances, and right from Milan, prepares for the tournèe. This Sunday I was at the Teatro della Luna to see the show, and I can testify that the seats were almost all occupied by people of all ages. The atmosphere was relaxed, like when you are in front of a comfortable family situation, from which you know what to expect and you are happy to repeat the experience. The final as predictable, it was the most engaging moment and the sound of What a feeling all unleashed, the fourth wall of the stage collapsed, while public and cast became part of a single big party. Beyond adaptation and musical additions, I had the pleasure of finding what I think is the fulcrum of history and a protagonist in which it is easy to identify.

Flashdance takes the dance as center of the plot, and tells of a young woman determined and idealistic, who always dreams to enter the academy and become a great dancer. The talent has it, but she has not studied and is, or at least feels, profoundly different from the girls of the prestigious school. She would like to present the application, but she does not feel at the height and even when she is admitted to the audition, albeit with a little help, not required, by his fiancĂ©, threatens to send in smoke his opportunity. The excuse is to want to do it alone, but in reality it is the fear of failure to block it. By making a small abstraction, the story of Alex in Flashdance, is that of an ordinary person, with a fire inside, who needs an opportunity to prove what is worth, but does not believe it enough. The fear in the face of the possibility to see your chance fade, threatens to frustrate the opportunity herself, without even trying. So what does Flashdance leave us? Meanwhile, I can tell you what he left me. First of all, when you have the good fortune to feel inside a fire, a direction, it is already an opportunity not to be missed; that courage sometimes pays and others do not, but it is part of the game and it is always better to face the disappointment and get up, instead of rethinking how it would go if…; that there is a time in life, in which to remedy the failures is easier than in others, even if one never ceases to grow and to learn; that being able to give the best and cross the finish line, is priceless, but it costs fatigue, and it is the same fatigue to make great satisfaction. What did you leave? Write it in the comments! As always I wish you a good reading and I will meet you next week.

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