OnDance Milan: city like a stage

Destiny has wanted my first week in Milan, coincided exacly with inauguration of OnDance, but before continuing to write, I must necessarily make a premise: I am shamelessly ARRAYED. Yes, I am biased because I could happly live attached to the armchair of a theater, evening by night, from theater to theater and from city to city. I am partisan because even though Ilove theater and art in its different forms of expression, my heart beats a little (no, indeed more than a little), for dance. I can’t help but be captivated by the beauty and the perfection of that movement that draws the space and goes beyond it. As a spectator, my body is still, or better almost still, but the spirit is incredibly free, light and free from any conditioning.

The emotion that pervades me every time I see a dancer performing on stage, is reinforced by awareness of the constant sacrifice, the daily search for excellene, and the overcoming of the limit imposed by main instrument of work, which is the body pushed beyond nature. All this in function of a magical moment, in which a galvanized public, at times moved, is able to return even more of the effort, sweat and  forced sacrifices, whatever the goal to be achived.

Returning to OnDance, what has exited me the most is the spirit of initiative, just as the one who wanted it defines a great celebration of all dances, whwrw Milan has became a stage, with events, workshops, shows, located in various part of the city, although based on the Arcimboldi Theater. The strength of this initiative, in my opinion, consists in having given space to dance in all its styles, exporting it from the stage, and transforming the streets, squares and gallery (as in the case of tango in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, last Thursday which saw the same Roberto Bolle perform, with the First dancer of Scala, Nicoletta Manni), in real outdoor theaters.

This means that whwn the two essencial elements, public and artist are present in the same moment and in the same space, the theater is already there, without any need for structures and superstructures because the feeling of aggregation and sharing, lives regardless of the physical features of place. This is exactly what I experienced yesterday afternoon in Piazza Duca d’Aosta in Milan Central Station for the Red Bull Dance Your Style battle. Seeing people of all ages and backgrounds have fan and cheer, for the sixteen dancers in the race, and than, explode at the and of the same in a loud plaudit, I was conveyed that invaluable feeling of belonging, that felt in front of a big event where the looks and hearts of people far away or unknown to the each other, are inexorably connected. It was nice to see the participation of people who probably would not have gone to the theater for thousand different reasons, but who have had the opportunity to live an experience that they will rememberand it turn tell. And if the art, specially the dance is so capable of making this, I wonder can it really be the prerogative of a few?

For my part, I will carry out mi mission of telling you stories and experiences direct and indirect, and perhaps never read this article, I conclude by thanking Roberto Bolle on my behalf and that of all the people I have had the opportunity to talk to this days, for having brought the dance to a popular dimention, without trivializing the quality of  its content. Good Sunday at all and good OnDance #Last1Day.

– Federica Perretta

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