A life in dance. Interview with Agnese Riccitelli

1. Agnese, first thanks for agreing. I would start from the beginning. How was your first encounter with dance? How old were you?

Thank you for this opportunity.

My first Carnival suit made of crepe paper that I made my mum … I was about 3 years old, was a dancer. I started towards the knowingly 10 years, expressing the desire to dance.

2. Did you instantly Know that dancing would be your life?

I think I knew, or at least I wished it were.

3. The skills acquired and the results achieved are the result of intense and constant study which still you work tirelessly. Graduated Scale, you’ve got to confront different teachers and therefore, with different approaches. Student/teacher ratio, what is what, in your opinion should never fail?

The respect. And the “Cheer” for each other. I’m a huge advocate (not all do), keep studying, because if you’re daily by the student, it becomes easier to dissolve certain ways too exasperated that departure from some teachers, towards their students. It is not full of “no correction” that we build a dancer but with “you’re almost there, you’re not perfect, try again it will get better,” it is through positive and proactive fixes that you create a strong student. It is necessary to cultivate his passion in parallel with the growth of his esteem.

4. You often go to New York. I read in an interview that you appreciate the atmosphere you can breathe in the Big Apple’s Dance Centers, and the relationship that you build with people. What are the main differences between American and Italian school of thought in the teaching method?

The welcome. You are accepted for who you are. You’re not judged, you’re criticized. They don’t care how good you are, how many pirouettes you do and how you raise your leg. for them you’re “great” anyway because you’re there, to sweat, to discussion, to seek within yourself that little bit extra. Sometimes you forget that studying dance is not a race with others or against others, but only one race with itself, a personal training strength, courage, physical endurance and love for what you chose to do.

5. I have been following your journey to Italy ‘ s Got Talent. It is thanks to your participation on TV who are aware of what you do and your Center Danzaricerca. Your choreography I was impressed and intrigued. Not only were aesthetically beautiful, but something always told a story, a scene, a point of view and the urgency to communicate it to others. In this regard, I read of the shows you’ve accomplished with your pupils and students, among them “Dance Social Network-the evolution of relations and way of life with the advent of Social”. Caught my attention given the relevance of the topic. Do you want to tell me about it? How did you get the idea, what’s your thoughts on that?

Of course. At that time I had started working with FlashMobMilano (creative digital). I’ve always been curious and attentive to the evolution of the social networks. With them, beyond the events arranged together, such as flash mobs and similar situations, I had the opportunity to quiz me talks about using social and how was their status in that period (2012). Twitter was exploding. I was looking for a theme x end of year show … and … boom, I had the idea to write a story (in the plot), he could tell of the social networks. I brought in them and, together with Cristina Usai and Daniele Judges “impacchettammo” a truly groundbreaking, where members of the public could interact with the same direct, sending sms, so we simply changed the lineup based on the answers that we were coming. It was a nice experience.

6. From the first essay of the Center Danzaricerca, in 1984, the shows produced in addition to the above mentioned, are innumerable. I took part myself in the dance, both as student essays that because of my work as a mask in the theaters, and I know that every show has something special. For all there is one that you feel linked more than others?

Se ne cito uno escludo tutti gli altri e mi dispiacerebbe. Ogni volta dico: questo è il più bello. Ogni spettacolo racconta di ciò che siamo noi del Centro Danzaricerca in quel momento, e ogni step è prezioso in un cammino che non ha una meta o una fine.

If I will mention one exclude everyone else and I wont. Every time I say: this is the nicest. Each show tells of what we Danzaricerca Center at that time, and each step is valuable in a way that does not have a goal or a purpose. But I can say that I have realized my “dream” and I want to tell you: 26 November 2016 FEEL THE LOVE, with Sarah Jane Morris and Tony Remy. Her extraordinary singer and songwriter, he’s one of the greatest guitarists. A concert where I could choose the songs from their run and on which I created choreographies, mostly danced with my students. The event had been organized for the international day for the Elimination of violence against women, in collaboration with the municipality of Cologno Monzese and thanks to the sensitivity of the cultural Director Dania Perego. Behold, it is those experiences that ultimately say “now I can die happy.” The energy, love, emotions and vibrations that I received at that time by these two great artists, I still retain them in the heart, like precious treasures.

7. What would you like to do that you haven’t done?

Anything to give me a chance to grow, experiment, and most importantly move me and excite.

8. Are you working on new projects right now?

Yes, I have a couple of projects I’m working on it for luck, I can’t tell you any more.

9. The past year has been full of satisfaction and shared goals. Behind the results, we know that they are inevitable difficulties. There is a phrase, a motto, a Council that repeat to yourself and to those who work with you (students and employees), when the effort is likely to take over?

I can do it. We make the greatest thing in the world.

10. Through my Blog, I choose to tell the positive side, to bring forward examples of people with sacrifice, they manage today to live their passion. The story of each of them, may be a warning to those who, on the other side looking their way. Among the people you’ve met, there is someone who has left you an emotion, a special memory due to his personal and professional path?

My mom who is no longer there, was the person who knew how to calm down when I innervosivo too. He had time to smussarmi the corners, leaving me free to be who I am and she now is in its own way, every day at my side and gives me answers when I find them.

Sara Jane Morris, about what I told you above. She is extraordinary. It was capable of a year ago, at a concert (I was sitting in the front row), to say into the microphone: “Agnes, take off your shoes and come up and dance.” He danced Fast Car, my favourite piece, so, no heating, no prepare, on a stage full of wires and microphones … it was great.

My “family”, which is all the Center Danzaricerca and I with emotions every day. Moreover, home is not where you live, but it’s where you get it. They know how to “take” for what they are and know how to support me when I need it.

11. A greeting to our friends at sognaecondividi?

Of course, to say that life is full of surprises if you can put yourself in the right condition, to open our arms and widen horizons, without forcing things. The results come if you fill with love and smiles your every gesture, with a bit of healthy madness, and lightness that makes us capable of flying over the world.

A thanks to you Federica for this valuable opportunity.

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