Interview with Cristoforo Scorpiniti, in Crisco art. Color, light and uncontaminated landscapes.

1. Hi Christopher, you are very young but with a great follow up. You started drawing during a rather dark period of your life, where you suddenly found yourself out of work. How did it go right?

Hello, you can call me Crisco. Unfortunately in Italy it happens that many young people are hired for a certain period and often short, and then be dismissed as happened to me. After about 3 years of casual and ill-paid work and yet another disappointment, I decided that I had to change something in my life .

2. When did you find your passion for the drawing?

About five years ago, I started this road as self-taught, though my passion for color pencils has been around me for quite some time. One day I took some brushes, a cotton sheet and made a frame. I began to paint for the first time in my life, and at that moment a world opened up. I knew that thing belonged to me, it was inside me, it was as if I had always done it.

3. In your paintings, make a symbolic use of the colors and often represent forest landscapes, in their uncontaminated nature. Which message do you want to communicate through your creations?

As I was telling you, from that day onwards began a journey of discovery and search for myself and my pictorial style and of course to communicate my thoughts and everything that I like and represents me, I started with color symbolism first and foremost  later on, making scenarios of naturalistic life and of strong emotional impact, in their simplicity. I often recall that I like to think of an uninfected, primitive, magical world. But I felt that something was missing, so I added a pinch of light. In recent years I have always thought that humanity was wrapped in a kind of darkness. Every day we learn news that makes us shiver. In my little space, I intend to express a message of “Hope, Love and Freedom”, blending everything into a pictorial style, what everyone can see today and what I believe to distinguish me.

4. Today we can finally say that you can live your art. Are you currently working on some project in particular?

After several years of sacrifice, I can finally realize some of my dreams / projects and the first one is already a reality, or “Crisco Art Factory”, a laboratory where I create innovative products, within which I turn my ideas into something concrete. One of the first projects I’ve been devoting to and dedicating to is my Glow in the Dark Pendants, but this is just one of the many I have in mind.

5. Which of these is the most important, your dream in the drawer?

My biggest dream is to open my gallery in the major cities of the world, so that everyone can admire my creations.

6. Before greeting you and thanking you for your availability, I want to ask you a last question: Among your friends, relatives, acquaintances, is there someone in particular who supported you and would like to thank you?

If I should thank someone I should thank myself. It may seem selfish but trustworthy, it is not. For years my only belief in my abilities, in my ideas and in my dreams was me. I often repeat it to the guys who follow me on the social: BELIEVE YOURSELF AND YOUR CAPACITY. By sacrifice and working every day, the results arrive. Only so I think, it is possible to realize your dreams.




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