Sogna e condividi

Friedrich Nietzsche

Many, too many times, the finish line assumes the shape of a chimera, and the difficulties become insurmountable walls that stand before us. They block the road, force us to slow down, even to stop the pace…

SOGNA E CONDIVIDI is born because, despite everything, I CHOOSE to tell the positive side;

Because when I see the radiant light, in the eyes of those who have done it, I still feel the blood flow into the veins.

I CHOOSE telling the positive side so that it can be a warning to those who are struggling to realize their own life project, whatever it is.

I CHOOSE to share dreams, now become REALITY..

Who am I

I introduce myself:
Federica Perretta 1987, a lucana transplanted to Rome immediately after graduation, a degree in “Design and Management of Cultural Products” and an undisputed passion for dance, theater and visual arts.
I could talk for hours of things that passionate to me, without knowing the passing of time. I love to hear and just tell. I am thrilled with the bright smile of those who have invested in a project of life, supporting their talents, their passion for something, and with sacrifice and dedication, in the end, has reached the finish line.
Dreaming and sharing, it is born precisely with the purpose of telling the path of these people, men and women who by reason of daily difficulties we all have to face, sometimes with resignation and with big questions, sometimes with pertinence and hope in Future, others at the mercy of a routine that we would like to change without knowing how, we consider ourselves privileged.
I started this adventure for a few months, on One word Creativity, my facebook page, but it’s time to take a step further and a blog is what it takes. Dream and share it will be a collection of interviews, in which artists who now live their own passion, tell in person first, answering a series of questions, which obviously will be me to put. The will to make stories of happy endings comes from the conviction that we need to know the positive alternatives that exist and are more numerous than we can imagine.
The hope I have for you, my future readers, is that by sliding the rows of this blog, you can draw on and find the key you are looking for, because one day that experience as incredible as it may be my, or , I hope with all your heart, that of some of you.

Federica Perretta
Sogna e condividi


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